8am -9am Tino burke breakfast show
9am - 12pm mega mix with andy
12pm - 2pm indie rockin country show
2pm - 4pm Andy bee show 
4pm - 5pm Mowtown hour
5pm-7pm The Mop tops and the  king show 
7pm - 10pm a-z northern soul with Glyn 


8am-9am Tino burke breakfast show
9am - 10am guilty pleasures 45 show 
10am-12pm radio mix
12pm - 2pm Mega mix with Andy 
2pm -4pm BRL show Ozzy style 
4pm - 6pm Andy bee show 
6pm - 8pm Absolute Retro Show
8pm - 9pm Absolute 80's Show
9pm - 10pm Absolute 90's Show


8am-10am Steve and Amie show
10am - 1pm indie canadian country back 50 count down 
2pm - 4pm Andy bee show 
4pm - 7pm Blue suede collection show 
7pm - 11pm Midnight Madness show 


8am-10am Steve and Amie fox show
10am - 11am indie country rock band
11am-1pm 80s 90s mix
1pm-2pm second hand songs show  
2pm - 4pm Andy bee show 
4pm - 7pm Dance Party weekly
7pm - 10pm Arena Rock night 


 8am-9am happy hour Daren Bavister 
10am - 1pm top 50 indie canadian country songs
1pm -2pm radio mix
2pm - 4pm Andy bee show 
4pm - 7pm Me Myself and I Show 
7pm - 10pm Pop culture cosmos 


8am - 10am Eurovision Song Show
10am - 12pm 70's chart show
12pm - 1pm Reggae 
1pm - 3pm World Mix Radio Show
3pm - 5pm Heavy Storm, Quiet Storm RnB Show
5pm - 7pm Country Roads Diner
7pm - 10pm Saturday Party Zone with DJ Gaz


8am - 12pm Steve and Amie Fox Breakfast Show
12.30pm - 1.30pm blues cafe hour 
1.30pm - 4.30pm Super J show 
5pm -6pm retro chart show Terry hughes
7pm - 10pm Trance Anthems with DJ Marky C